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Prepreg from DELTA-preg

DELTA preg prepregsystem is categorized in four subgroups based on the required curing temperature to fully cure the matrix.
Maximum service temperature and Tg of the finished component is highly depending on which temperature the component has been cured or post cured at. Below is a summary of the four different subgroups.

High Temperature

Require high curing temperature: 150°C

As an example, if you have very high requirements in terms of service temperature and Tg, you should choose a High temperature matrix.

This is available in two different matrix systems, epoxy- and cyanate-ester.

Medium temperature

Require medium cure temperature: 120°C

This is by far the largest product group of prepregsystems.

Low temperature

Can be cured at temperature: 30 to 45°C

Variable temperature

Allows variable curing temperature.

Low temperature curing in the mold from 65 to 80°C leads to reduced requirements on the mold itself.

If one have molds not allowing curing at high temperature you can anyway reach a maximum Tg at 120°C by using a variable temperature matrix and then post cure the final product at higher temperature.

Most types of carbon fiber, fiberglass and organic fibers, in the form of unidirectional fiber or multiaxial fabrics and veils can be supplied according to the specific matrix system.

Below are some examples on of how fiber as can be supplied.

Carbon fiber E-modulus

High-strength fiber (HS) < 260 GPa

Intermediate module fiber(IM) 260 to 320 GPa

High module fiber (HM) 320 to 600 GPa

Ultra-high module fiber (UHM) > 600 GPa

Glass fiber

E Glass

E-glass black


Organic fiber








The above list contains only some examples of commercially available variants.

That being said not guaranteed every single variant is available at any given moment and some products are also produced and sold with a required minimum order quantity.

For further details please contact us.

Prepreg for molds

The choice of mold material is linked to the material in the final product and also depending on the production batch size.

DELTA-preg’s prepregsystem for molds are made to be cured at relatively low temperatures, fully cured as low as down to 45°C.

To reduce the risk of any damages on the plug and to be able to use the mold at high service temperature it is mandatory to post cure the mold at high temperature before taking it in use.