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Dry fabrics / Multiaxial fabrics / UD fabrics and tapes

Plain-, twill- , satin- and UD fabrics?Porcher Industries manufactures fabrics made from all common fibers as aramid-, glass- and carbon fibers. They provide fabrics from 19 g/m2 fiberglass up to 1 350 g/m2 carbon fiber fabrics.

Multiaxial fabrics (non-crimp) manufactured by Saertex.

These fabrics are made up of multiple layers of parallel fibers, each laying in a different orientation or axis. The layers are normally stitch bonded with a polyester thread to form a fabric.?The most common is to combine one or more of fiber angles 0°, 90° and ± 45°.?If you have special requirement materials with other angles can also be produced.

UD fabrics and UD tapes made by Saertex.?

This is a product where the fibers are oriented in one direction only, these fabrics can consist of aramid, glass, carbon fiber, etc.?Usually, the UD materials are made up of evenly distributed parallel fibers. The fibers are held in place by a polyester thread running diagonally. The threads are located on both surfaces of the fiber layer (but not woven with the fiber itself) at regular spacing of somewhere between 1 to 10 cm.?This ensures the fibers are kept straight in the fabric, not bent back and forth as in other types of fabrics.?Looking to thinner fabrics ~100 g/m2 made of carbon, polyester threads are used only on one side of the fabric and then in the checkered pattern.?UD materials are available in widths ranging from 25 mm to 1 000 mm, in weights of 100 to 1 000 g/m2.