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iQ Clean® - Cleaning fluid

iQ Clean®

is a fast-acting, powerful cleaning agent that very effectively dissolves rust and burnt residues as images after spark processing.

Clean your workpieces and your machine quickly and easily with iQ Clean®

iQ Clean® properties allow it to be used in several different applications.

Use concentrated or diluted solution depending on how much dirt is to be removed.

Spray in plenty of what is to be cleaned, leave on for a couple of minutes before you then easily wipe the rest with a slightly dampened sponge or cloth.

Be very careful to then wipe the cleaned surface completely dry and only then can you rinse the workpiece or machine with clean water.


Carefully read the safety data sheet and observe the safety instructions listed there.

* * * CAUTION * * *

Make sure that no cleaning agent enters the water circulatory system as it will destroy the ion exchange resin.

500 ml


Excellent cleaning agent for residue-free cleaning and degreasing.

Solvo-Spray contains several highly volatile solvents to easily remove resinified oils, greases, tar and felt pen marks.

Thanks to the versatile cleaning properties this product is ideal for maintenance and service works.

Touch-sensitive mirror-finished cavities that have been protected against corrosion with Antikor RS can be degreased in a contactless fashion and without leaving residue.