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Among our carefully selected suppliers you will find several world-leading manufacturers of proven high quality products used in spark erosion.

Buchem Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG

Buchem Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG, a German company specializing in lubricants for injection molding and mold tool manufacturing, offers a diverse product range for metal and plastic processing. Their unique strengths lie in technical expertise, providing tailored solutions for enhanced production processes and product quality. The company emphasizes high-quality ingredients and advanced technologies, ensuring rigorous testing for all products before leaving the factory. Additionally, Buchem is committed to environmental sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and recycling packaging. In summary, Buchem Chemie + Technik GmbH & Co. KG is a reliable supplier with technical prowess, quality focus, and a commitment to environmentally conscious practices in injection molding and mold tool manufacturing.

System 3R Intrenational AB

System 3R operates as part of GF Machining Solutions, a global company at the forefront of precision technology for the machining industry. Specializing in developing solutions for efficient tool and component handling on machines, System 3R plays a pivotal role in elevating productivity and precision in manufacturing processes.

Noteworthy among System 3R's strengths is their patented "Tooling and Automation" solutions, integrating robotic and automated systems for effective tool management. These solutions have consistently demonstrated their capacity to enhance operational efficiency and reduce production costs for clients.

Additionally, System 3R distinguishes itself by offering fully integrated solutions that encompass both hardware and software components. Their sophisticated software empowers clients to monitor and manage the manufacturing process in real-time, thereby minimizing the risk of production errors and optimizing overall productivity.

A key advantage for System 3R is its extensive global presence, with a footprint on six continents and a network of distributors worldwide. This widespread reach enables the company to provide prompt support and service to customers across the globe, tailoring solutions to meet the specific demands of local markets.

oelheld GmbH

was founded in Germany already in 1887 and is today the leading manufacturer of high quality lubricants and coolants for metal processing. The company has a broad product portfolio that includes high-performance lubricants, coolants, and cleaning agents for industrial use.

One of the strong unique points of Oelheld GmbH is their innovative technology. The company has its own research and development department working on developing new solutions and improving existing products. By utilizing advanced technologies, the company can produce lubricants and coolants that are effective, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Oelheld GmbH is also known for its high product quality. The company has a long tradition of manufacturing top-quality lubricants and coolants. All products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet high standards.
This has led to Oelheld GmbH building a loyal customer base that values reliability and quality.

Finally, Oelheld GmbH is also recognized for its comprehensive technical support and customer service. The company provides technical support for its products and works hard to meet the needs and expectations of customers. By maintaining a close relationship with its customers, Oelheld GmbH can tailor its products and services to fit their specific requirements.

In summary, Oelheld GmbH is a reliable manufacturer of high-quality lubricants and coolants with a strong culture of innovation, high product quality, and dedicated customer service.


is a German company founded in 1962 and is a leading manufacturer of precision tools for metal and wood processing. The company offers a wide range of products, including clamping tools, tool holders, measuring instruments, and accessories for machine tools.

One of the primary strengths of SPREITZER is their high product quality. The company utilizes advanced technologies and materials to ensure the highest possible performance, making their products a popular choice for customers in need of reliable tools for industrial use.

SPREITZER also fosters a strong culture of innovation and maintains a dedicated research and development department focused on developing new products and enhancing existing tools. This enables the company to offer innovative solutions that meet the increasingly demanding needs within the industry. SPREITZER always strives to stay at the forefront of technological development and provide its customers with the most efficient and advanced tools.

In addition to high product quality and innovative technology, SPREITZER also has a reputation for excellent customer service. The company always prioritizes the customer, working hard to meet their needs and expectations. SPREITZER provides comprehensive technical support and ensures prompt deliveries, contributing to the development of a loyal customer base.

Thermocompact SA

a respected French company, specializes in manufacturing high-quality EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) wires. Located in Metz-Tessy, France, they bring over 60 years of experience to the industry.

Thermocompact SA takes pride in ensuring quality and careful process control. They oversee every step, from designing and prototyping to manufacturing and rigorous quality checks for EDM wires. This dedication allows them to provide customers with EDM wires that meet the strictest precision and performance standards.

Another standout feature of Thermocompact SA is their focus on innovative research and development (R&D) in EDM wire manufacturing. With a strong R&D team, they consistently pioneer new solutions to improve EDM wire performance. Offering a variety of EDM wires with different sizes and materials for various EDM applications, Thermocompact SA stays at the forefront of technological advancements.

Leveraging their extensive industry experience of over six decades, Thermocompact SA not only delivers high-quality EDM wires but also stays globally competitive. Their commitment to innovation, precision, and excellence in EDM wire manufacturing continues to set industry benchmarks.

Toyo Tanso Co., Ltd.

Toyo Tanso, a Japanese company founded in 1941, stands as a global leader in the manufacturing of top-tier graphite for diverse industries and technical applications. Renowned for its innovative solutions and technical prowess, the company consistently pioneers advanced technologies to craft high-performance graphite products that meet and exceed the rigorous demands of the industry.

A cornerstone of Toyo Tanso's success is its unwavering commitment to reliability. The company has earned a stellar reputation for delivering consistent and dependable graphite solutions, making them a trusted partner for industries worldwide.

Furthermore, Toyo Tanso's global footprint solidifies its position as a key player in the graphite industry. With subsidiaries and sales offices strategically positioned across the globe, the company ensures swift and efficient service, reinforcing its status as a reliable global supplier.

In addition to its global leadership and innovative edge, Toyo Tanso places a strong emphasis on sustainability. By adopting eco-friendly raw materials and production methods, and implementing measures to reduce waste and enhance energy efficiency, the company aligns its operations with environmental consciousness.

In essence, Toyo Tanso emerges as a global leader celebrated for innovation, unwavering reliability, and a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability in the realm of high-quality graphite manufacturing.

Global number one in producing isostacially pressed graphite materials.