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Butol - Multi function spray


Penetrating medium, lubricant, oxide remover, dehumidifier, moisture protection, cleaner and corrosion protection.

For precision and high-precision mechanics, electronics, electrical engineering, plastic injection moulding technology, die-casting technology, aluminium processing, machines and instruments, toolmaking, die-sinking, and wire EDM.

The blend of synthetic, mineral oils and solvents with mild odour is an all-rounder for every workshop and manufacture.

Thanks to the exceptional creeping properties Butol penetrates micro-pores and cracks, ducts, overlaps, etc. automatically.

The highly distilled petroleum serves as excellent rust solvent and sustainably penetrates deposits such as metal oxides, corrosion deposits, grease and dust.

It produces a virtually invisible, thin and moisture-penetrating film that offers a temporary protection against corrosion.

Butol activates old oils and grease and cleans without impairing the mechanical sliding functions.

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