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Corrosion Inhibitor - BP-10

BP 10 Inhibitor

Complete corrosion protection of workpieces in wire EDM.

BP 10 protects the surfaces of the workpieces to be treated, including cut surfaces, against heavy corrosion and pitting. Thus, post-treatment is considerably reduced, particularly on cut surfaces.

BP 10 is characterised by a very low tendency to adhere and outstandingly passes both mechanical (pre-coat and cartridge filters as dirt filters) and chemical filters (ion exchange cartridges with deionisation resin).

The product does not bind dirt and thus can be used for automated wire threading systems.

Use a hand-held refractometer to monitor the concentration.

BP 10 Inhibitor is biodegradable.

Antikor RS - Corrosion inhibitor

Antikor RS is not only a high-grade corrosion inhibitor for iron, steel and all kinds of metallic materials, but also an excellent lubricant for ejectors and sliders.

It releases no dirt or rust in channels and thus prevents undesirable ejector marks on your moulded parts. Special adhesive additives prevent the lubricant film from migrating and ensure a longer service life.

Even in aggressive atmospheres, Antikor RS preserves blank metallic and mirror polished surfaces for a long time. The protective effect can even be intensified by applying several layers.

Due to the fully synthetic, soft greasy consistency Antikor RS does not run down vertical surfaces. To remove the protective film simply wipe it off; use Solvo-Spray to achieve an optimal, residue-free degreasing.

This also allows contactless cleaning of mirror-polished mould cavities. Qualitatively, this procedure is preferable to all other procedures and can perfectly be used after long storage times, too.

Antikor RS is excellently suitable for the short and long-term preservation of injection moulds and punching tools.

Thanks to its high level of protection this product for decades has been successfully used in underwater wire EDM to protect the steel plates to be treated against corrosion during the cutting process.

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